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Riga Municipality announces the first public auction for the acquisition of lease rights to 141 land plots at public transport stops for the placement of shelters and network advertising. The auction will take place on 6 December this year. The lease rights will be granted to entrepreneurs for 20 years.

The auction invites applicants to apply for the right tolease 141 immovable properties owned by the municipality - parts of land plots, as well as parts of engineering structures located thereon (pedestrian walkway, hard-surfaced areas, etc.) with the obligation to construct, maintain and manage shelters for public transport stops and the right to place network advertising objects in the shelters. The successful bidder will be awarded a lease agreement for a period of up to 20 years. A map with transport stops is available on by selecting the thematic map "Urban environment", the data layer "Advertising objects" and "Public transport bus shelter auctions".

By renting the land units to entrepreneurs, Riga residents will get a comfortable and safe shelter, a bench and lighting at the transport stop, while entrepreneurs will get the right to display advertising. This will save the municipality money that would be needed if the shelters were built and maintained by the municipality.

The municipality has defined certain technical requirements for both shelters (size, design, technical specification of lighting, etc.) and the placement of advertising. Together with the application, the bidders must also submit the technical documentation of the shelter - this will be assessed for compliance with the shelter's technical specification. For questions regarding the technical requirements of the shelter, bidders may contact Evelīna Ozola, Chief city Designer of the City Architect Office of the City Development Department of the Riga City Council, by sending questions to e-mail:

The right to lease the immovable property will be granted by public verbal auction with an upward bidding procedure. The auction will take place on 6 December at 13.00 in the 7th floor hall (room 715) of the City Development Department of the Riga City Council, Dzirnavu street 140, Riga. The registration of the auction bidders will take place  from 12.30 to  12.55.

To apply for participation in the auction, the bidders must send an application signed with a secure electronic signature and a time stamp to by 13.00 on 21 November, and pay an auction security deposit of EUR 5,000 on the day of submission of the application.

According to a certified real estate appraiser's assessment of the potential market rent, the initial rent for the lease objects is EUR 251,944 (excluding VAT) per year.

Public transport stops requiring shelters are determined by the City Development Department in cooperation with the Spatial Planning and Mobility Department. In total, the municipality will lease around 600 municipally-owned plots of land at public transport stops for the placement of shelters and advertising. All land plots are planned to be subdivided into several lots. The first shelters at transport stops are planned to be installed in summer 2024.

More detailed information about the first auction, its rules, technical specification of the shelters and a map showing the stops included in the auction is available on the official website of the municipality and on the official website of the City Development Department of the Riga City Council