Riga city


Riga has been the city of inspiration for more than 800 years. It has always attracted travellers, urging them to linger, remain or return. Since Riga regained its historical status as one of the capital cities of Europe, more and more Europeans and citizens from other parts of the world are succumbing to its inspiration.

Riga is a modern cosmopolitic metropolis with a rich cultural and historical heritage which is evident in the city’s architecture, cultural life, as well as in its rapid urban development and active cooperation with other cities. The aim of the city administration is to turn Riga into an active and competitive educational and cultural centre that is healthy and safe. We aim to develop a highly efficient city administration, and to preserve Riga as a green city by constructing new and modern buildings. We want the City of Riga to continue to serve as the driving force of Latvia’s economy, and we want the city to be easily accessible to everyone – by land, rail, sea or air.