In order to create Riga as a place where one can enjoy living, working and relaxing, foreign experience offers a lot of help. Cooperation management and adoption of other cities’ experience is being organized and coordinated by the Investment and Tourism agency of Riga. The main task  is to organize, coordinate and ensure the cooperation of Riga municipality with foreign municipalities and organizations, as well as to develop and coordinate partnership with other foreign international institutions by taking part in the development of international projects and programmes which are in the fields of competence of the Riga municipality.

The goal of these activities is to foster the adoption of the best foreign practice and experience in the field of city management, foreign investments attraction, tourism development and business promotion, increasing the efficiency of the Riga City Municipality and its institutions and ensuring the sustainable development of Riga.

Riga Twin Cities

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International organizations and cooperation networks

Information about Riga's participation and involvement in international organizations and cooperation networks
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