Rīgas baznīcu torņi

Riga Municipality is ready to provide various kinds of support to foreign companies and their employees who have decided to move or relocate to the capital of Latvia, informs the Riga Investment and Tourism Agency.

At the beginning of May, the Riga City Council entered into an agreement with the TechHub Riga Foundation on the co-financing of various start-up ecosystem activities, including support for foreign companies. Under this agreement, advice is provided on the startup residence permit, funding for startups, such as the Law on Aid for the Activities of Start-up Companies, or the ‘Start-up Law’, etc. Advice is also provided on relocation - both for the business and for the residential part - housing, kindergartens, schools, health care, etc. Various networking events are organized as well.

The Department of Education, Culture and Sports and the Department of Welfare also provide various types of support. For example, Latvian language courses are offered, which provide an opportunity for adult residents of Riga, except for students and the unemployed, to learn Latvian for the levels A and B. Those who have declared their place of residence in Riga have the opportunity to learn Latvian free of charge. More information is available here.

Various information materials are also offered, the primary target group of which is re-emigrants, but which can actually be used by anyone who wants to move to Riga. This information provides answers to questions about the preparation measures before moving, what should be done when already in Riga, what are the services provided by the municipality and the state, contacts of various institutions and organizations, as well as support mechanisms to help re-emigrant families return to Latvia and start living successfully in Riga. 

In addition, a handbook (guide) for foreigners regarding services provided by the municipality of Riga is also available. Prepared in 2015. An updated version of the handbook will be published in early 2022.

The handbook provides information on matters within the competence of the Riga City Council Education, Culture and Sports Department, including education, leisure, civic participation, culture and sports. 

Additional information on enrolment of children in kindergartens and schools and available support can be obtained by calling the information phone of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports: +371 67026816, e-mail: iksd@riga.lv

Information on current issues of social integration, activities and projects implemented by non-governmental organizations, and opportunities to participate is available at www.integracija.riga.lv and on the Facebook page @rd.iksd.

In its turn, the Welfare Department currently offers the following support:

  1. The non-governmental organization "Shelter" Safe House"" is a state-supported information centre for immigrants, which provides advice on a wide range of support measures for citizens of 3rd countries and immigrants. The Welfare Department also cooperates with this organization, as it provides complete information about the available services in accordance with the status granted to the person, including advising on available social services and health care issues. More information: https://www.integration.lv/, as well as a detailed list of organizations that provide assistance, advice and training is available here.
  2. Persons aged 15-29, who do not study or work and who have temporary residence permits or residence permits, can be involved in the project "PROTI un DARI!". The project provides participation in an individual program of activities, which can last from one to four months (in some cases - up to nine months). During each month of the program, the young person is provided with at least 24 hours of activities, as well as the support of a mentor and program manager. There are many different activities on offer, with the aim of involving young people in employment, education or NGO activities. More information available here, or by contacting the Riga City Municipality "PROTI un DARI!" project coordinator Andris Izinkēvičs - andris.izinkevics@riga.lv, +371 67105166.
  3. The European Social Fund project “We are for a healthy Riga!” is also being implemented in the municipality of Riga. It provides various types of health promotion activities free of charge to residents of Riga City. More information about the project, its activities and schedule is available on the website: https://veseligsridzinieks.lv, as well as by contacting the Riga City Municipality project manager Ilona Segliņa-Krūziņa, ilona.seglina-kruzina@riga.lv, +371 67037314.
  4. The Rigans' Card also provides support to residents of Riga municipality with various types of offers and discounts, including in hospitals, health centres, pharmacies and more. More about its advantages here.

This information was prepared by: Mārtiņš Vilemsons, Project Coordinator, Riga City Council Communication Department, phone: 67026231, e-mail: martins.vilemsons@riga.lv.