Rd vadībā un IPCC eksperti

This week, experts from several countries of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are visiting Riga. On Thursday, they will take part in thematic tours and be introduced to various important sites in Riga, including Uzvaras Park.

IPCC experts will also visit Kalnciems Quarter, Āgenskalns Pines and Āgenskalns Market, creative quarter “Lastādija”, and travel through Riga's parks to Old Riga.

The thematic tours for participants of the meeting will cover topics such as urban forestry, the role of green areas in biodiversity and air quality, cultural heritage, urban green architecture, wooden architecture and urban revitalisation. 

Whereas, on Friday, 19 April, Riga City Council will host a seminar ‘Climate Change and Cities Adapting to It’, at which IPCC’s experts will present a special report on the adaptation of cities to climate change, the latest findings of studies, including those concerning the role of green infrastructure and architecture in the urban environment. 

As it was reported before, IPCC’s representatives are visiting Riga between 15 and 19 April to participate at various climate events.  The IPCC was set up in 1988 with the main task of compiling and analysing scientific research on climate change and making recommendations to policymakers on this issue. The IPCC has 195 member countries.

Information was prepared by: Ineta Miglāne, Project Coordinator, External Communication Division of the Riga City Council, e-mail: ineta.miglane@riga.lv.                                                      

IPCC eksperti apmeklē Uzvaras parku | 18.04.2024.