Press releases In the City Council
Rīgas Geto un Latvijas holokausta muzejs

On Tuesday, October 27, the City Property Committee of the Riga City Council took a decision on the real estate area between Maskavas Street, Turgeņeva Street and General Radziņa Krastmala for the free usage of public benefit organisation - association “SHAMIR”, in order to support association, including promoting the preservation of the commemorations of victims of the Holocaust tragedy, as well as to support the further development of the Riga Ghetto and the Latvian Holocaust Museum.

The draft decision prepared provides the transfer of this municipality owned property for a period of time, while the association has the status of a public benefit organisation, or until the moment when this property will be necessary to ensure the functions of the local government, but not longer than for 10 years. The real estate balance value is now more than 600 thousand euros.

The draft decision also determines that the association shall ensure the management and maintenance of the property for its funds, as well as the payment of real Estate tax. As well as “SHAMIR” is obliged to insure for its own funds the constructions transferred to it against all types of risks. Several prohibitions are imposed, too. For example, the association is prohibited to use this property for other purposes, or to transfer it to other persons, as well as to perform construction works without consent.

The Committee also confirmed that the Riga City Council Property Department is the responsible local government institution for the execution of the subsequent decision.

The decision regarding the transfer of this municipality owned property in unremunerated use will turn into force after its approval at the meeting of the Riga City Council.