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All the objects on the list of monuments glorifying the Soviet regime have been dismantled in Riga by the deadline set by law* – 15 November. Work is currently ongoing on the site of the demolished monument complex at Uzvaras park.

In addition to the monument at Uzvaras park, other objects that glorify the Soviet regime have been dismantled in Riga, such as the obelisk to the 374th Riflemen Division of the Red Army at Mežaparks, the memorial sign at the site of the Red Army attack at Jaunciema gatve, as well as the monument to the Red Army soldiers at Lokomotīves iela 163.

Dismantling of the monument at Uzvaras park and nearby structures is now complete, as is the crushing and sorting of the existing reinforced concrete structures. 55-60% of the basin is filled. If the weather is favourable, the work is expected to be completed within a month, but, according to the builders, the fencing of the construction site could last until spring.

Several objects in Riga have been dismantled on the initiative of the municipality, such as the facade elements with a hammer and sickle on the buildings at Kalnciema iela 57 and 318 Brīvības gatve. A memorial plaque to the Red Army scout Mārtiņš Poga has been removed from the facade of the building at Jāņa Asara iela 15.

*Law On Prohibition of Exposition of Objects Praising Soviet and Nazi Regimes and Dismantling Thereof in the Territory of the Republic of Latvia”


Information was prepared by: Kaspars Līcītis – Project Coordinator at External Communication Division of Riga City Council Communication Department, e-mail: