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Songs and dances, wreaths and Jāņi flowers, cheese-making and bonfires – all right here in Riga! Where better can you see the Midsummer morning sun rising than on one of Riga's green hills! Riga invites young and old, residents and visitors, to party until the early hours of the morning at one of three venues – Mežaparks, Dzegužkalns or Grīziņkalns.

Jāņi celebration at Mežaparks

For those who want to have fun until the early hours of the morning, meet at the Mežaparks Green Theatre! On June 23, from 20.00 until sunrise, the Midsummer Eve event "Riga Open-Air Party" will take place, offering something for every generation.

The ethno-group "Ogas" and "Stiprās sievas" will rock the festivities with folk melodies. From 21.00, the audience will be entertained by the band "Vintāža", while Atis Ieviņš and his band will provide the rock section of the open-air party. Ingus Ulmanis and the band "Lādezers" will take the stage around midnight.  

Later, the nation's favourite artists Intars Busulis and “Abonementa orķestris” will take the stage, and just after 2.00 a.m., when the morning light is already beginning to appear on the horizon, romantic feelings will reign, and the band “Mazais princis” will bring the main theme of the music which is love. At the very end of the Midsummer Night, the celebrants will welcome the sun with the schlager band "Roja" from Kurzeme region. The hosts of the event: association “GraBulis” – actors Andris Bulis and Gints Grāvelis – will spend the shortest night of the year together with the celebrating people.

Jāņi celebration on Dzegužkalns

On June 23, from 20.00, the oldest Midsummer tradition site – Dzegužkalns – will also welcome young and old revellers. Dzegužkalns is the highest hill in Riga and traditionally the oldest Midsummer celebration site, mentioned in historical sources as a place of rejoicing by the people of Riga as early as the 18th century.

The event "Traditional Jāņi on Dzegužkalns" will be the same as in the past, and Riga residents and visitors will have the opportunity to learn traditional Latvian cultural values and customs: wreath weaving, fortune telling, singing Līgo songs, fire blessing, Jāņi honouring, and the accompanying and welcoming of the sun. A special place will be set aside on Dzegužkalns for the Midsummer fire lighting ritual, Latvian games and dances.

Celebrants will be able to enjoy a varied Midsummer programme, featuring traditional Latvian music arranged by various popular folk and post-folk groups and performers. The celebration will be attended by the Liepāja Actors Folklore Association "Atštaukas", the band "Karikste", the post-folklore group "Iļģi" and "Rīgas danču klubs", the musical association "Rahu the Fool" and the folk rock group "Jaunais Jāņu orķestris".

The traditional hosts of the event – Jāņi Mother and Jāņi Father – Zoja Heimrāte, a long-time member of "Skandinieki" and the host of events, and Edgars Lipors, the leader of the folklore group "Vilki" and actor, will actively involve the audience in the various events of the festival. 

Jāņi celebration on Grīziņkalns

Those who are not willing to go far away from the city centre should go and celebrate on Grīziņkalns. Grīziņkalns will welcome the Jāņi celebrants of Riga again this year, inviting them to spend the shortest night of the year together. It will be a unique opportunity to enjoy the presence of nature and the magic of the solstice in the heart of the city – an event that combines the traditional and the modern.

Celebrants will be welcomed by Marta Lovisa Jančevska and Kaspars Zvīgulis at Grīziņkalns, where Midsummer games, wreath making, learning traditions and active Līgo games for the whole family will take place from 20.00. The bravest cooks will be able to make traditional Midsummer cheese on a large tripod on the lawn.

During the event, the meadow will also host active games for participants of all ages – horseshoe throwing, a masked procession, a Līgo memory game and other activities. Together with the folklore group "Kokle", children and adults can learn various Midsummer games and dances, Līgo songs and Midsummer night beliefs, while Elza Rozentāle and the ethno rock band will lead everyone into the sounds of ethno music.

From 22.20, the Midsummer bonfire will be lit, followed by the Dimantas sisters on stage with the programme "Arise, Midsummer Day!" After midnight, the musical group "Viedais Fonogrāfs" will be invited on stage, and at around 2.00 everyone will be invited to the Grīziņkalns Party with the band "The Originals". At 3.40 DJ Kaspars Zaviļeiskis will take over the baton of the Līgo party, welcoming the first rays of the sun together with the revellers.

For more information about all of the events of the Midsummer celebration and their schedules, visit the websites and follow Riga City Council’s social media accounts ‘Rīga’ and ‘Rīgā notiek’.

Information was prepared by: Aira Ancāne, project coordinator, Riga Local Government Communication Administration External Communications Department, e-mail:

More information: Sindija Grāvere, Project Coordinator, External Communications Department of Riga City Council Communication Administration, email:

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