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The Outdoor Space and Mobility Department of Riga City Council informs that 30 additional micromobility parking zones have been introduced in the capital. Micromobility parking zones have been introduced on pavements between urban landscaping elements, where they do not hinder the movement of pedestrians or cyclists. No additional parking zones for micromobility vehicles will be introduced this season, but work will be resumed upon arrival of the warm season next year with a focus both on the city centre and neighbourhoods.

In the first half of September, it was reported that the first micromobility parking zones have been introduced in Riga, so that residents and renters of micromobility vehicles can park shared electric scooters and electric bikes in one place. The first zones were created after consulting with micromobility rental companies about the most popular points of departure and arrival, as well as the places where shared micromobility vehicles are most likely to cause inconvenience to pedestrians and other road users.

“By introducing shared scooter parking zones in Riga, we are changing the previous habits and we are moving towards an orderly environment in everyday life, so that both pedestrians and users of micromobility vehicles can coexist safely and without disturbing each other. Change of driving culture and behaviour on streets, pavements, in parks, parking zones are only some of the ways to improve the situation and this comes together with speed limitations in places that tend to be more crowded. This is also an opportunity for the inhabitants of Riga to share their opinions and suggest places where new parking zones are necessary in their neighbourhoods,” said Riga Mayor Vilnis Ķirsis.

There is a map of the currently introduced parking zones for micromobility vehicles in Riga at municipal data publishing portal Geo Rīga. The map is available here.

In October, inhabitants were invited to participate in a survey to suggest places where micromobility parking zones would be required. The municipality is currently summarising and evaluating the information received, with a view to introduce new micromobility parking zones upon arrival of the warm season next year.

Information prepared by: Lelde Rudzika, Project Coordinator at External Communication Division of Riga City Council, email:

Parking zones for micromobility vehicles in Riga