E talona reģistrators

On April 26, the Riga City Council approved a proposal to set a fixed price of €10 for a special ticket to travel on Riga's public transport during the Song and Dance Festival.

The special ticket for public transport during the XXVII Latvian Song and XVII Dance Festival in Riga is being introduced to give Riga residents and guests a preference for public transport during the festival, reducing the use of private transport and potential congestion.

The subscription ticket will be valid for travel on the Riga city public transport route network from July 1 to July 10. It will be available for purchase by anyone in Riga or visiting the city. It is planned that participants of the Song and Dance Festival will not have to pay for a ticket.


Information was prepared by: Kaspars Līcītis – Project Coordinator at External Communication Division of Riga City Council Communication Department, e-mail: kaspars.licitis@riga.lv