E talona reģistrators

In order to encourage passengers to use public transport regularly, monthly ticket prices will be significantly reduced from 31 December. Instead of the current EUR 50, next year monthly tickets will cost EUR 30 per month for all types of public transport.

A new type of ticket, the 90-minute ticket, will also be introduced from 31 December at a price of EUR 1.50 for all passengers, replacing the existing single ticket and one-hour ticket.

The planned changes will also simplify the range of tickets. There will be no changes after 31 December for passengers who need not pay for the public transport, while passengers who have a partial discount granted by Riga City Council (e.g. students, teachers, etc.) will be able to buy a monthly ticket for all types of public transport from 31 December at a 50% discount, i.e. for EUR 15, down from EUR 16 previously. From 31 December, working seniors will be able to use public transport in Riga for free.

Monthly tickets

From 31 December, the monthly fare for all types of public transport will be significantly reduced, to EUR 30 for all days of the month instead of EUR 50. Monthly weekday tickets for EUR 40, whereas single bus, trolleybus, or tram tickets for EUR 35 for all days and weekday tickets for EUR 30 will no longer be on sale.
Passengers who benefit from partial discounts granted by Riga City Council, i.e. employees of Riga medical institutions, students, teachers, social workers, parents of large families, and working seniors will be able to buy a monthly ticket for all types of public transport for all days of the month with a 50% discount, i.e. for EUR 15.

Time tickets

With the changes to the ticket range, 90-minute tickets will be available to all passengers from 31 December at a price of EUR 1.50. The price of a 90-minute ticket will be the same for those holding a Riga resident’s card and those who do not hold the card.
A 24-hour ticket will be available at the same price of EUR 5 as before. A 3-day ticket for EUR 8 and a 5-day ticket for EUR 10 will also be on sale.


Single tickets will only be available on the route 22 bus and, as before, can be purchased on the bus from the bus driver using a bank card. The price of the single ticket will be EUR 2.

Transition period

All tickets purchased before 31 December will be valid for 60 days. Unused tickets can be returned to “Rīgas satiksme” within 12 months from the date of purchase, receiving a refund of 100% of the unused period.

There are currently 135 different ticket types in the system, many of which are used by a small number of passengers, e.g. 5 tickets for 24 hours on all routes, usable for 15 days, priced at EUR 25, are purchased by only 0.01% of all passengers, while administering such range of tickets is very complex and requires a considerable amount of financial resources. 

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