In a joint video message in Latvian, Russian and English, Riga City Council deputies of both the position and the opposition factions, as well as city officials responsible for health care, urge the residents of Riga to make the right choice and to go get vaccinated against Covid-19.

According to the Communication Department of the Riga City Council, the video messages are part of the activities carried out by the municipality to promote vaccination in the capital.

“The residents of Riga are very diverse, and the composition of the City Council shows that they support very different political parties. With these shared messages we aim to emphasize that vaccination benefits everyone and is therefore supported by council members who might usually have opposing views on other issues. The videos are released in three languages, considering that statistics show that people representing national minorities have been less active to get the vaccine. By getting vaccinated we protect both ourselves and the rest of society, prevent hospitals from overcrowding and schools from closing. This means only one thing – residents of Riga need to work together despite their differences!” Chief of Riga City Council's Communication Department Uģis Vidauskis explains.

Employees and volunteers of the capital’s municipality will also take part in informing senior citizens of Riga about the necessity to get vaccinated. Employees of Riga City Education, Culture and Sports Department have also expressed their readiness to take part in the call campaign, and the employees of Riga’s libraries have shown a special interest. Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian Theatre, representatives from Imants Ziedonis Museum and the foundation “Viegli” will also take part in the information campaign.

Other organisations have also been invited to participate. The municipality is currently working on resolving legal issues regarding receiving and using sensitive personal data and organising training for the volunteers. The team of volunteers and municipal employees will start calling seniors this week. The municipality is also actively communicating with local senior associations.

Watch the message from Riga City Council officials:


➡️ in Latvian
➡️ in Russian
➡️ in English