Press releases In the City Council
Rīgas satiksme

The Meeting of participants decided to approve the filing of a claim against four former members of the Board of Riga Municipal LTD “Rīgas Satiksme” in the amount of at least 1.5 million euros, but the precise amount of the claim will be clarified before submission to the court. The lawsuit will be filed against former members of the Management Board who served in the company from 2010. to December 2018.

The basis of this claim is related to the employment of 16 fictitious consultants, for whom Jānis Kārkliņš Law Office, hired by the council of RM LTD “Rīgas Satiksme”, is convinced that there is sufficient evidence to file a claim in civil law and claim damages. The claim for possible employment of fictitious consultants will be filed against the former chairman of the board of RM LTD “Rīgas Satiksme” Leon Bemhen, as well as former members of the board Irina Feļdmane, Andrejs Požarnovs and Inese Švekle, who have signed documents within  the framework of these consulting agreements .

Concerning all the consultancy contracts, in total 46, as well as other cases already being investigated by both the State Police and the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB), RM LTD “Rīgas Satiksme” will ask the company to be recognized as a victim in order to ask law enforcement authorities to assess the liability all 11 members of the Management Board who have served on the Management Board of the Company in the period from 2010. to December 2018 and to recover losses accordingly.

The lawsuit will be filed by September 17th, 2020.