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Rātsnams izgaismots Latvijas karoga krāsās

On Tuesday, March 23d, Riga City will be among those capitals of the European Union that will honor Greece on the 200th anniversary of its 1821 Revolution and illuminate the City Hall in the colors of the Greek flag.

The Greek Revolution not only marks the birth of modern Greece, it is also one of the revolutions of the 19th century that formed free, constitutional democracies. In the summer, hoping for a better epidemiological situation, Greece is planning an open-air exhibition in Riga to mark this historic event.

The years 2021 and 2022 are also important in Greek-Latvian bilateral relations. The year 2022 marks 100 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries. This will be marked with a response step - by illuminating one of the central objects in Athens in the colors of the Latvian flag. Greece is one of the countries that has always supported the continuity of the Latvian state.  

The information was prepared in cooperation with the Embassy of Greece in Latvia by: Agnese Siliņa, Project Coordinator of the Riga City Council Communications Office, tel. 67026104, e-mail: