Press releases In the City Council
Mairis Briedis

This year, the Riga City Council title "Rigan of the Year" was awarded to boxer Mairis Briedis for outstanding success in high-level boxing competitions and the promotion of Riga around the world.

Certificates of Recognition were also awarded to medical professionals fighting against COVID-19 Jurijs Perevoščikovs, Uga Dumpis and Liene Cipule.
Meanwhile another prize awarded by the Riga City Council and the Latvian Academy of Sciences (LAS) was awarded to the Kroļļi family of artists - Gunārs Krollis, Isabella Krolle, Inguna Krolle and Madara Māra Irbe. The LAS nominates the applicant for this award.

In previous years various high-profile persons have been named “Rigan of the Year”: opera singer Elīna Garanča, composer Boriss Rezņiks, tennis player Alona Ostapenko, conductors Romans Vanags and Māris Sirmais, musician Raimonds Pauls, painter Džemma Lija Skulme, theater directors Alvis Hermanis and Andrejs Žagars, Latvian National ice hockey teams' coach Juliss Shupler, charity and arts patrons Boriss and Ināra Teterevi, and Zaiga and Māris Gaiļi .