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The Riga Education and Information Methodist Centre (“RIIMC”) offers Riga residents to participate in various classes of non-formal adult education courses aimed at acquiring or improving skills, knowledge and competences in relation to both work and social and personal objectives. The offer includes foreign language learning, crafting, beauty, housekeeping, arts, interior design basics, psychology, gardening, etc. Course lessons are scheduled for working days from 18.00 in one of the institutions close to the client's life or workplace.
The list of lessons can be consulted on the RIIMC website, the Riga municipality's website:, Riga City Neighborhood Centre, Riga Central Library branch libraries, Riga state city municipality education institutions.
Adult course programs are offered for 2-3 months 4 times a year.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    The customer may receive information on the offer of adult non-formal education courses, as well as sign up to the selected courses.

  2. A service charge
    Co-payment for participation in on-site courses 5,00 EUR (excluding VAT) per academic hour (45 min) and online courses 4.60 EUR (excluding VAT) from a participant in accordance with Decision No. 1882 of the Riga City Council on the extent of co-financing for interest education and non-formal adult education programmes in the educational institutions of the municipality of Riga..

  3. Receipt of services
    The customer receives an answer to his or her query in e-mail or is registered on the selected courses. The registration of courses takes place on the day of the application, the service is provided according to the time limit. The client is obliged to take a co-payment until the course starts.

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