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According to the Law On Meetings, Walks and Pickets, everyone has the right to organise peaceful meetings, walks and pickets, as well as to participate in them.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    In order to announce the organisation of a meeting, procession or picket, an application shall be submitted to the local government in which, in conformity with the requirements of the Law On Meetings, Walks and Pickets, the following information shall be indicated:
    1) type of measure - meeting, passage or picket, marking the appropriate type on the form;
    2) the date and time of the proceedings;
    3) location, in the case of the handling of the journey - route;
    4) the planned number of participants in the measure;
    5) the organiser of the measure;
    6) the head of the measure;
    7) the assistant or assistants of the head of the measure, if such are necessary;
    8) the order-makers (2 order-makers shall be required for each 100 participants in the measure), which:
    shall make a self-written signature on the application.
    All the natural persons referred to in the application must bear the given name, surname, personal identity number and
    address of the place of residence.
    An application for the organisation of a meeting, procession or picket shall be submitted not earlier than 4 months and not later than 10 working days prior to the proceedings of the relevant event. If it is not possible to submit an application within that time limit, since the event in respect of which the event is being organised was objectively impossible to find out earlier than 10 working days before the event in question, an application for the holding of the meeting, procession or picket shall be submitted as early as possible, but not later than 24 hours before the scheduled event takes place.
    When submitting an application in person, natural persons must present a passport, while the representative of the legal person must present his or her passport and submit the authorisation of the legal person to apply.
    The application must be accompanied by:
    1) the scheme of the location of the measure or the route of travel;
    2) a copy of the contract, if the organizer of the measure has entered into a contract regarding the provision of public order and security during the event with a security guard merchant;
    3) the written consent of the owner or manager of the location of the measure for the organisation thereof, if he or she is not the organizer of the measure and the event is organised on the land of his or her private property or on parcels of land in private use.
    According to the regulation of the Law on Meetings, Walks and Pickets, the use of sound-enhancing equipment is possible only during meetings, and if it has been notified at the same time as the measure and the use of such equipment is not restricted or prohibited.

  2. Receipt of services
    Section 103 of the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia and Section 13, Paragraph two of the Law On Meetings, Walks and Pickets provide for a system of notification, not receipt of a permit, for the implementation of the freedom of assembly.
    A decision of the local government regarding a prohibition to order a measure or the restrictions specified for the measure shall be issued in person or sent to the e-mail address indicated in the application, in accordance with the choice of the organiser.

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