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The Housing and Environment Department of the Riga City Council (hereinafter - Department) shall examine the submissions of natural and legal persons and shall prepare the information to the Riga State full heating issues commission for taking a decision regarding the issuance of a permit:
1. Construction of local heat sources in buildings/buildings/premises and new buildings.
2. Reconstruction of local heat sources in buildings/buildings/premises.
3. Changing the type of heating in buildings/buildings/premises.
In multi-apartment houses, when changing the type of heating for a house or separate apartment, the consent of the owner of apartments for changing the type of heating shall be submitted.
The decision is taken taking into account the territorial zoning of air pollution in the administrative territory of the Riga state city, in conformity with the requirements of the laws of the Republic of Latvia, the regulatory enactments of the Riga City Council and the district heating operation area.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    The submitter shall submit an application to the Kancelejā of the Department of Housing and Environment or to the city of Riga. The submitter may send the application to the Department of Housing and Environment by post or submit the application electronically to the e-address of the Department or by e-mail with the secure electronic signature.

  2. Receipt of services
    The submitter arrives at the Department of Housing and Environment or the population centre of the City of Riga and receives the original statement of the minutes of the meeting of the commission or the submitter receives a decision of the commission to the specified e-mail address.
    The service must be received by:
    1) an application;
    2) copies of the documents certifying ownership;
    3) for authorised persons - a copy of the mandate;
    4) a letter to the manager regarding the change of the heat source - a copy;
    5) the skursteņslaucītāja statement regarding the state of the ventilation and flue (apartment/non-residential area);
    6) a copy of the plan of the apartment/non-residential area from the inventory file;
    7) a decision of co-owners of a multi-apartment house with consent for changing the type of heating;
    8) planned heat source capacity, capacity increase at heat source reconstruction, fuel type.