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Upon completion of the construction of structures (buildings, engineering structures), a certified surveyor or merchant, who employs a certified surveyor, or an authorised person thereof, shall submit a plan for the geodetic execution of an installation constructed in the City Development Department of Riga City Council, using the portal
In evaluating the submitted execution report, the conformity of the execution plan with the requirements of Regulation No 281 of the Cabinet of Ministers, regulation 24.04.2012, regulations of the topography of high detail and its central database, and the requirements of regulation No 98 of the Riga City Council of 18.12.2019. on the binding rules for the circulation of topographic information, in accordance with the procedures specified in the regulatory enactments the documentation and the situation in the area.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    In the portal, fill in the fields with the required information and add the necessary documents for receiving the service:
    1. A file with a printed graphic part of the performance plan showing the design and actual characteristics (*. dgn/*. dwg);
    2. A file showing only the measured structure and its actual characteristics (*. dgn/*. dwg);
    3. Survey geodetic data and measurements, including measurement accuracy assessment before and after geodetic alignment;
    4. A file of the State Real Estate Cadastre Information System issued by the State Land Service, if the cadastre information is shown in the execution plan.

  2. A service charge
    According to the Schedule of Annex 2 to the Law Law No 98 on the Circulation of topographic information of the Riga City Council on 18.12.2019., EUR 26,00 (1 object).

    Service pay types:
    1. If the customer has not entered into a post-payment contract, the prepayment invoice shall be prepared and placed on the portal during one working day (1 dd);
    2. If the customer has entered into a post-payment contract, an invoice for the services received during the month in question shall be drawn up and sent to the e-mail address indicated by the customer by the 5 th of the following calendar month.

    The Properties:
    Riga municipality
    Reg. No 90011524360
    Latvian branch of luminor Bank AS
    Account No. LV36RIKO0020200002010

  3. Receipt of services
    A performance plan file and an electronically signed cover letter are available and downloaded in the portal. The information is also sent to the account of the customer's official electronic address. If such an account has not been activated, the information shall be sent to the email address specified in the customer's application.


26.00 EUR

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