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If the parent wishes to apply for his or her child in the camps organised by the local government educational institutions of Riga State city (hereinafter - institution), it may be performed by completing an electronic application in the portal (hereinafter - portal). The parent authorizes the portal using the user name and password assigned by the local government or the single login module.
Only their child may be notified to camps on the portal in accordance with the data of the Register of Natural Persons of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.
The status of the parent and child, as well as compliance with the conditions of the camp, for example, the eligibility of the child's age is checked automatically by synchronizing the data with the Physical Perosin Register and the State Education Information System at the time of the application.
Parents complete the application on the portal after authorization and register it, following the instructions on the portal.
If a child is provided with a place in the camp, the system shall prepare and send the project to the parent's designated e-mail.
If the parents want to withdraw their application to the camp, change their contact details: phone or e-mail address, you can do so after authorizing the portal.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    Using e-service for possible application camps, which are organised by the educational institutions of the municipality of Riga for any educatee:
    1) the declared address of the place of residence is in the administrative territory of the municipality of Riga State or who trains in one of the educational institutions of the municipality of Riga, and
    2) who has acquired a pre-primary education programme or has reached the age of 7.
    The child's parent authorizes the Riga State city municipal services portal and applies the child to the chosen camp.

    Information on the camps is also available at the website.

  2. A service charge
    The camps are organized with an older co-payment. Information on the amount of the co-payment is given in the description of each camp. The parent of the child shall, after sending the application in his e-mail from the institution hosting the camp, receive an invoice to be paid within the prescribed time limit by transferring the co-payment to the account indicated on the invoice, indicating the information necessary for the purpose of the payment (indicated in the invoice).

  3. Receipt of services
    The parent, following the instructions in the e-service, applies the child to the selected camps and receives a draft contract for the child's participation in the camp in his e-mail.
    Upon application, the processing authority shall contact the parent by providing additional information and shall send the parent an invoice for the co-payment in an email.