In case of emergency call 112

Emergency cases



Rescue service   112
Firefighters 112
Police  110 or 112
ergency Medical Assistance 113 or 112
Natural Gas Emergency Service 114
Electric network damages 8404
Heating Network emergencies  80000090
Water pipe emergencies  80002122
SOS search and rescue works in the sea 115
Riga Municipal Police, Tourism Police 67181818
City transport control centre  80003600

Family Doctors Advisory Phone
(working days from 17.00-8.00, holidays and holiday days all day)

24 hour veterinary service 26539900

Help lines

Crisis helpline (24 hour psychological help in crisis situations) 67222922
Helpline of Children Rights Protection Inspection (free) 116111
Children and Youth helpline (grom stated communication network) 80009000
AIDS helpline 67543777
AA support group anonymous helpline 27333523
"Glābiet bērnus" (Save the Children) helpline  (10.00 - 14.00) 67315307
Riga Municipal Police hotline 67037555
State police trust phone for providing information 67075444
Sate police phone for road issues 67208108

Consultations and information telephones:

Free informative telephone number
of the Riga City Council customer service centre
Free informative telephone number on social assistance
of Riga municipality of the Riga City Council welfare department 
Riga Social Service informative phone 67037333
Ombudsman 67686768