Rātsnams izgaismots Latvijas karoga krāsās

On March 24 Latvia celebrates the centenary of Diplomatic Relations with the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Honouring this important fact and highlighting the good cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Riga, on Wednesday, March 24th the Town Hall will be illuminated in orange which is the official colour of the Royal family of the Netherlands and  what the Dutch people have taken as their national colour.

Riga and Amsterdam are reliable friends and cooperation partners in the European Union, both cities are united by a special view of the  future, an innovative development way of both cities and a smart city design thinking model.

The information prepared by: Agnese Siliņa, Project Coordinator of the Riga City Council Communications Office, tel. 67026104, e-mail: Agnese.Silina@riga.lv