Filharmonijas metu konkursa darbi

Six sketch designs proposed for round two of Riga Philharmonic architecture competition. The anonymity of the participants will be preserved until the results of the second round are announced.

The following sketch designs were selected for round two:


Competition jury report:

The expanded sketch designs for round two must be handed in within 18 weeks after receiving a request to submit the project. The round-two results, with three top sketch designs, will be published at the end of this year.

All of the 38 sketch designs submitted for the competition will be exhibited at the Riga Congress Centre, on 12–15 June (inclusive), 10:00 to 16:00. The competition designs will be presented on the three floors of the Riga Congress Centre.

Information prepared by Solvita Brence-Kauste, project coordinator, Riga City Council Department of External Communication, e-mail:


Kongresu namā Filharmonijas metu konkursu idejas | 12.06.2023.