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Grantu programma “Atspēriens”

On Thursday, 23rd of July, Riga Municipality announced the winners of the grant program “Atspēriens”, allocating a total of EUR 75,000 for the further development and market introduction of three technology-based ideas.

The evaluation commission announced the following companies as the winners of the grant program "Atspēriens" 2020:

Ltd “Aptolux” - the company offers modular light panels. It is a trapezoidal panel system for photo and video needs, which can replace all the most popular LED lighting solutions on the market, providing the opportunity to place the panels in different geometric shapes, as well as use a wide range of required light spectrum, simulating sunset, lightning and other light tones.

Ltd “ROBOEATZ” - the company plans to produce and sell technical equipment that would ensure the establishment of robotic fast food restaurants. These would be catering places where a robot would work instead of people, preparing hot food in a short period of time. The current business idea is to open the first robotic fast food place in Riga in order to improve the developed prototype and demonstrate its possibilities to potential customers.

Ltd “BIMSynch” - the company offers an augmented reality solution in construction, which allows you to upload project models and synchronize them in real time and place. In this way, with the help of augmented reality, it is possible to view and eliminate errors in the planned project, as well as optimize construction, engineering installation, author supervision, construction supervision and real estate management costs, as well as improve work quality, saving the client time, labour and financial resources.

Each company will receive a grant in the amount of 25,000 EUR from Riga Municipality. 

In total 70 project applications were submitted to the grant program “Atspēriens” this year. 

The ideas of the top 10 finalists in the public online event on 17th of July were evaluated by: Alīna Mežciema - Head of New Development Directions of Latvian Mobile Telephone, Renāte Strazdiņa - Head of Microsoft Latvia, Gerhard Erasmus - Executive Director of Apex Alliance Hotel Management, Jānis Ošlejs - Head of Primekss Group and Valdis Melderis - manager of Radio, TV Shows and Events. The recording of the evaluation event can be viewed on the “YouTube” account of the City Development Department of the Riga City Council:

We invite creative and innovative companies to apply for the “Atspēriens” competition also in 2021! 

From 2019, the competition of the grant program “Atspēriens” is organized once a year, supporting new and creative companies that develop technology or knowledge-based technical solutions. The competition is intended for companies that are not older than five years on the day of application. The total amount of grants in the “Atspēriens” competition in 2020 is 75,000 EUR.

Since 2009, the Riga City Council has been implementing the grant program “Atspēriens”, the aim of which is to promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Riga, as well as to promote the popularity of new business and entrepreneurial products. Since 2009, more than 1,700 participants have applied for the "Atspēriens", of which 166 have received support.