As an expression of its tireless support for Ukraine, Riga will celebrate the Independence Day of Ukraine on 24 August with various artistic performances, a flash-mob event, and special lighting for the Freedom Monument.

Between 24 and 29 August, the ‘Rīgas sirds’ Ukrainian community centre located in the Riga City Council building will run the charity project ‘Ukraina. Brīvības rezidence’ (‘Ukraine. The Residence of Freedom’). This is an international collaborative project by Latvian and Ukrainian artists seeking to bringing together artists from different countries in a single search for freedom, and to support those who need mental health support as a result of the war.

More than 20 Latvian and Ukrainian artists and creative industry professionals will participate in the project. Its guests will be able to spend a night in a way similar to how civilians do it in Ukraine, as they hide from missile attacks in metro stations, to enjoy a culinary performance, and to listen to the reading of a theatre play. The artworks created during the project will be available for anyone to buy as part of a charity auction. For more details about the planned activities, visit the project’s website, at

Also on 24 August, the ‘Tavi draugi’ association will hold the ‘Saulespuķu ceļš’ (‘Sunflower Road’) flash-mob event. It will take place for a second year in a row, inviting every resident of Latvia and every Ukrainian living in Latvia to join. Similarly to the last year’s event, this time ‘Saulespuķu ceļš’ will be dedicated to Ukraine’s tireless fight for freedom and to every Ukrainian civilian living in Latvia. The central element of the event will be a bunch of sunflowers that at 15:30, will begin its journey at the ‘Tavi draugi’ hangat in Riga, at Ventspils ielā 50, K-3. The journey will end at 17:00, at the Vērmanes Garden open-air stage, where the sunflowers will be presented to the Ambassador of Ukraine in Latvia Anatolii Kutsevol.

This will be followed by a charity concert to support the Ukrainian army held in Vērmanes Garden between 17:00 and 19:00, with Latvian and Ukrainian performers:  Varakuta, Timurs Vilcāns, Katrīna Gupalo and her band, Anastasija Vasilenko, Anastasija Jačmenkina and Subscriptum, Rigga Reggae, Igo, Edgars Vilcāns, Queentessence, and Rihards Saule. The concert will be opened by the Ambassador of Ukraine in Latvia Anatolii Kutsevol and Riga City Council Chairman Vilnis Ķirsis.

The concert will conclude at 19:00, with the ‘Vienotības ķēde’ (‘Chain of Unity’) flash-mob event, during which all those present will come together to a 30-metre-long flag of Ukraine to express their unity.

The guests of the charity concert will be able to buy Ukrainian products and try Ukrainian cuisine. 

After sunset, the Freedom Monument will be lit in the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

Ukraine gained its independence 32 years ago, on 24 August 1991.


Information was prepared by: Edīte Matuseviča, Project Coordinator at External Communication Division of Riga City Council Communication Department, e-mail: