Riga globally In the City Council
Rīgas Geto un Latvijas holokausta muzejs

The Riga City Council has responded to the “Jewish Telegraphic Agency” concerning the article “After rent hike, Holocaust museum in Latvia could close” in “The Jerusalem Post” The municipality considers that information in the publication is false. Riga City Municipality does not intend to close Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum set up by the association “Šamir”.

According to the procedures specified by the Riga City Council, a new draft decision of the Riga City Council regarding the real estate owned by the municipality in the area between Maskavas Street, Turgeņeva Street and General Radzina Krastmala has been prepared for consideration. Municipality has planned to give this property to association “Šamir” to be used free of charge. This question is scheduled to be examined in the nearby Riga City Council's City Property Committee and the Riga City Council's meeting.

During the period from 22.10.2020. till signing the new contract between the municipality and association “Šamir” the Department of Property of the Riga City Council, transfers this property to the association for temporary use without a charge for a period until 22.11.2020. This means that the association will use it without paying any rent. They will have to cover utility charges, such as costs for electricity, water, heating. 

The statement that city’s government is going to decide to charge Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum 12 000 dollars per month is false, too. All the last 10 years the Riga Municipality has given 90% discount from the Estate tax. Exactly the same discount is planned to be given during the next term of the contract with the Museum, and the property rent has been and will be free of charge.