Parka virsskats
Parks virsskats Vizualizācijas: Zala Landscape Architects, Vizualizāciju darbnīca

At the end of this week, preparation of a construction site will begin for the renovation of Uzvaras Park. The local government is planning to enter into the construction work contract this week.

Total funding for Phase One of the project “Renovation of Uzvaras Park and Improvement of the Territory” amounts to EUR 7,695,900. On Wednesday, 14 June, Riga City Council approved granting the aforementioned funds for the project, including a EUR 6 million loan from the Treasury.

Uzvaras Park will gain a new image and modern equipment. I am very glad that we, the current members of the Council, have managed to reach the point where the park in which a monument praising the Soviet occupation recently stood, is about to become a place of sports, recreation and cultural activities for Riga residents and visitors to our city! A place which every resident of Riga wants to visit 365 days a year!” stresses Mr Mārtiņš Staķis, Chairman of the Riga City Council.

The concept for the improvement of Uzvaras Park provides for two stages of works. During the first stage, a scenic part will be created over an area of nine hectares. Arrangement of a water course of approximately 0.5 hectares with a well-organised bank and bridges is planned. A skiing/roller-skating track with a length of one kilometre will be built, and will not intersect with pedestrian paths, since bridges and tunnels will be constructed at the crossing points. Trampolines, swings and sandboxes will be built for children within the framework of the project, as well as table tennis and checkers infrastructure for adults and youth.

A scenic skateboard path will also be built, and street gymnastics equipment provided as part of the project. Landscaping improvements will include new benches, bicycle stands and litter bins, and lighting fixtures will also be replaced. In addition, greenery will be enriched by planting 1,500 new trees.

Completion of the scenic part of the park is scheduled by the end of this year.

Construction works will be performed by the GP “AIDACO GROUP”.

Information prepared by Solvita Brence-Kauste, Project Coordinator, Riga Local Government External Communication Unit, email: solvita.brence@riga.l