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Residents of Riga are encouraged to use the opportunity and register children in two new kindergartens opened in Riga municipality, i.e. pre-school education institution “Ozoliņš” and pre-school education institution “Dzīpariņš”.

Applications can be submitted electronically via the e-service of the public administration portal under section Registration of a child in the queue for attendance of pre-school education institutions. Applications registered until 17 November will receive the earliest registration date and time shown in the electronic database for the child. Applications registered after 18 November will receive the date and time of registration when the application was received.

It is also possible to submit applications in person at Riga City Council Department of Education, Culture and Sports, Riga City Neighbourhood Residents Centre, or Riga City Civil Registry Office where the staff of the responsible departments will register applications in the electronic database.

The Riga municipality pre-school education institution “Ozoliņš”, located at 19 Slāvu Street, can accept 200 children from one and a half years of age, while the Riga municipality pre-school education institution “Dzīpariņš”, located at 21 Rūpniecības Street, can accept 100 children from one and a half years of age.

Gradual opening of kindergarten groups is planned in December.

Riga municipality reminds

In order to be able to announce the registration for both pre-school education institutions in accordance with the procedures laid down in Riga City Council Binding Regulation No. 191, Procedures for the Implementation of the Pre-school Education Function by the Riga City Municipality, it was necessary to obtain positive opinions of several institutions and licences from the State Education Quality Service.

Renovation of both municipal buildings was completed this year, thus creating new kindergartens. The works in both pre-school education institutions were carried out using the municipality’s financial resources and also a loan from the State budget. The project involved the redesign of the premises in both buildings, the construction of all engineering networks, the replacement and automation of the heating system, the construction of the ventilation system, the replacement of electrical wiring and lighting fixtures, and the installation of a video surveillance system, construction of a fire protection system, replacement of water and sewerage networks, construction of built-in furniture, insulation of the external structures, replacement of windows and external doors, landscaping and construction of a playground.

Information was prepared by: Raimonds Grants – Project Coordinator at External Communication Division of Riga City Council Communication Department, e-mail:

Atjaunotie bērnudārzi Slāvu ielā 19 un Rūpniecības ielā 21 | 08.11.2022.