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Velostatīvs ar velosipēdu

Improvement works continue in the streets of Riga City centre. This week, landscaping elements are planned to be installed in the sections of Aleksandra Čaka Street and Krišjāņa Valdemāra Street. Street improvements include benches, bicycle racks, flower boxes, and rubbish bins.

The restoration of sidewalk tree beds and the installation of 16 bicycle racks will be carried out this week in the section of Krišjāņa Valdemāra Street from Kronvalda Boulevard to Bruņinieku Street. In the section of A. Čaka Street from Merķeļa Street to Pērnavas Street, works will be continued to install 133 bicycle racks. 

Improvement works at A. Čaka Street were started in spring with the planting of 26 trees from Pērnavas Street to Ērgļu Street and flower meadows along Barona Quarter and the dividing strip from Ērgļu Street to Tallinas Street. In total there are 36 different types of flower boxes, nine benches and rubbish bins.  The installation of landscaping elements has already been completed in the section of Dzirnavu Street from Tērbatas Street to Gogoļa Street, at Lenču Street and Ganu Street. 

The installation of landscaping elements is still to be completed in three sections of Krišjāņa Valdemāra Street: from Zirņu Street to Laktas Street, from Bruņinieku Street to Zirņu Street, from Kronvalda Boulevard to Bruņinieku Street. Two sections of Elizabetes Street will also be improved: from Eksporta Street to Brīvības Boulevard and from Satekles Street to Brīvības Boulevard. 

Improvement works are also planned in the section of Brīvības Street from Lāčplēša Street to Air Bridge (Gaisa tilts); Merķeļa Street; Kalpaka Boulevard from Brīvības Boulevard to K. Valdemāra Street, and also Stabu Street.

Author: Lelde Rudzika, Project Coordinator at Riga City Council Communication Department, e-mail:

Ielu labiekārtojumi | 11.08.2022.