Polijas,Lietuvas, Igaunijas, Ukrainas pilsētu mēri un Rīgas vicemēre Linda Ozola
Rīgas vicemēre Linda Ozola un Viļņas, Tallinas, Varšavas un Ļvivas pilsētu mēri

On 24 January, Linda Ozola, Deputy Chairperson of the Riga City Council, took part in the Champion Cities Summit 2023, held to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the Lithuanian capital.

Deputy Mayor Linda Ozola, together with the Mayors of Vilnius, Tallinn, Warsaw and Lviv, participated in the panel discussion "Freedom Fighters: Cities United with Ukraine", discussing Riga's experience in supporting Ukrainian citizens, both by hosting them in the capital and by organising transport of urgently needed goods, including buses, to Ukraine.

"We will continue to support Ukraine for as long as it takes. Ukraine will win this war and we are ready to play an active role in the rebuilding of Ukrainian cities," said Linda Ozola during the panel discussion.

Riga has hosted more than 20 000 Ukrainians since the beginning of the war. The Riga City Council's one-stop reception center – the Riga Support Centre for Ukrainian Residents –, where all the services ranging from personal identification number to psychological support are available in one place, has received international recognition.

The conference in Vilnius brought together representatives from different European capitals to exchange experiences on progress made in mobility, digitisation, social inclusion and the development of green cities.

The Champion Cities Summit 2023 was held in partnership with the Eurocities network.

Information prepared by: Edīte Matuseviča, Project Coordinator, External Communications Department of the Riga City Council’s Communications Board, tel.: 26188165, e-mail: edite.matusevica@riga.lv