Radizņa krastmala tramvajs

Construction works to integrate the European rail infrastructure project Rail Baltica into the infrastructure of Riga city centre will be launched on February 13. In order to ensure safe and convenient traffic in the vicinity of Riga Central Station, three junctions will be rebuilt by the end of the year and modern pedestrian, cycling, and public transport infrastructure will be built. During the construction works, there will be significant traffic changes in the vicinity of Central Station.

The construction area of the project covers the Ģenerāļa Radziņa Embankment from 13. janvāra to Jēzusbaznīcas Street, and also the areas adjacent to the bus station and Riga Central Market. Significant changes in traffic in this area will be in place until autumn 2023, so residents and visitors of Riga are invited to plan their routes in advance, allow extra travel time if possible, and respect the new traffic arrangements during the construction works.

From February 13, the new traffic order will be introduced at the intersection of 11. Novembra Embankment, Ģenerāļa Radziņa Embankment and 13. Janvāra Street - On Ģenerāļa Radziņa Embankment, in the direction from Akmens Bridge to Salu Bridge, one lane will be provided for traffic. The carriageway on Maskavas Street will be closed in the direction from 13. Janvāra Street to Centrāltirgus Street in the section from 13. Janvāra Street to the entrance to Riga International Bus Station. The parking lots of SIA "Rīgas satiksme" on 13. Janvāra Street near the railway embankment and the bridge will also be closed. As the carriageway connecting Ģenerāļa Radziņa Embankment and Maskavas Street will be closed, access to Riga International Bus Station and Riga Central Market will be provided via Maskavas Street from Salu Bridge. At the end of the week, a new traffic order will come into force on Ģenerāļa Radziņa Embankment, towards Akmens Bridge, where two lanes will be open to traffic.

It was already announced that within the framework of the project to integrate the European rail infrastructure project Rail Baltica into the infrastructure of Riga city centre, several intersections will be reconstructed in this area, i.e. the intersection of Ģenerāļa Radziņa Embankment, 11. Novembra Embankment, and 13. Janvāra Street, the intersection of Ģenerāļa Radziņa Embankment and Turgeņeva Street, the intersection of Ģenerāļa Radziņa Embankment and Puškina Street. In addition to the intersections mentioned above, the intersection of Timoteja Street and Turgeņeva Street and the intersection of Gogoļa Street and Gaiziņa Street will also be reconstructed. It will include also a complete reconstruction of Ģenerāļa Radziņa Embankment, including all underground and other engineering communications, i.e. external water supply and sewerage networks, gas supply systems, electricity supply and distribution networks, etc. The heating networks will also be replaced in Gogoļa Street. A full street surface structure will be built along the entire length of Ģenerāļa Radziņa Embankment. The cycling path will be repaved along the entire section, and a pedestrian–cyclist ramp will be built to connect Maskavas Street with the planned Rail Baltica railway bridge across Daugava.

Safer mobility solutions both for pedestrians and cyclists, and also the improvement and greening of the environment are planned as part of the project throughout the project territory. The pedestrian tunnel of Gogoļa Street near Riga Central Market will be transformed into a bicycle parking area. Along Maskavas and Gogoļa Streets, the project also provides for the reconstruction of tram and trolleybus overhead lines. Two bridges across the city canal – at Maskavas Street and Ģenerāļa Radziņa Embankment – will be reconstructed as part of the project. Construction works will also take place next to the city canal, near the former location of the shopping centre “Titāniks”. A staircase, ramp, and a quay will be built to provide access to the canal quay.

Design and building works are undertaken by the general partnership RBBL", which brings together three companies: SIA “Binders”, AS “LNK Industries” and SIA “Nordes Būve”. Construction supervision is carried out by SIA “Firma L4”.         

The project “Integration of the European Railway Infrastructure Rail Baltica into the Infrastructure of Riga City Centre” is implemented within the scope of the Activity “Reconstruction of the Support Infrastructure Related to the Rail Baltica Project” of the Specific Objective 6.1.7 “Enabling a Multimodal Transport System” of the operational programme “Growth and Employment” of 2014–2020 European Union funds programming period. The total budget for the project amounts to EUR 28 million. The Cohesion Fund accounts for the largest share, i.e. EUR 23.8 million, while local government and State budget subsidies amount to EUR 4.2 million.

Information was prepared by: Kaspars Līcītis – Project Coordinator at External Communication Division of Riga City Council Communication Department, e-mail: kaspars.licitis@riga.lv