Kultūrskrējiena dalībnieki

The joint running exercise by staff members of Riga City Council, Riga Energy Agency (REA), Ministry of Climate and Energy, and international partners, combined with a guided tour of Riga, turned out a success, with more than 100 participants.

‘The participants had a positive, enjoyed the run, and the interesting stories about Riga’s history, architecture, and culture. Many said that the event should be annual to promote a healthy lifestyle and bring the workers together. Our international guests, about half of all participants, were delighted with the innovative approach to exploring the city,’ Ieva Kalniņa, Riga Energy Agency project, manager said.

The purpose of the culture run was to promote a healthy lifestyle with a slow run through the historic streets of Riga, exploring its architectural, historical, and cultural gems. Supported by a tour guide and a coach, it was a mix of light fitness and cultural discovery. It was a great opportunity for those who needed a little motivation to start exercising, and for those who already do it routinely, to add something special to their work-outs.

The culture run included staff members of Riga Energy Agency, Riga City Council, Ministry of Climate and Energy, as well as guests from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and 10 cities of the URBACT Let's Go Circular! project. IPCC’s representatives are visiting Riga for various climate events taking place between 15 and 19 April.

On Friday, 19 April, Riga City Council will host an IPCC expert meeting, organising a ‘Climate Change and Cities Adapting to It’ seminar, at which IPCC’s experts will present a special report on the adaptation of cities to climate change and on the latest findings of studies, including those investigating the role of green infrastructure and architecture in the urban environment. 


Information prepared by: Ineta Miglāne, project coordinator, Riga City Council Communication Administration External Communications Department, e-mail: ineta.miglane@riga.lv

Rīgas enerģētikas aģentūras organizētais kultūrskrējiens pa Rīgas ielām | 15.04.2024.