Uz kartes līmē atslēdziņas

This year, for the fifth year in a row, Riga local government invited residents to be decision-makers in their neighbourhoods and vote for neighbourhood development ideas submitted by residents, until the end of October. More than 33,000 residents took part in the vote, selecting 10 ideas to be implemented by the local government over the next few years.

The Participatory Budget is an opportunity for citizens to decide how part of the city budget is spent, both by submitting neighbourhood development ideas and voting on which ones the municipality should implement. This year, funding for the Participatory Budget was €700,000, with a maximum of €70,000 per project.

Voting for all 30 neighbourhood development ideas submitted for the Participatory Budget competition took place on and in person at Neighbourhood Residents' Centre Customer Service Points, as well as at the Imanta and Iļguciems libraries, where 57 votes were received. Each resident was entitled to vote for one project. Any person aged 16 or over was eligible to participate in the vote.

The results of the vote were confirmed on 15 November. Of the 30 projects put to the vote, 33,371 residents chose 10 to be implemented:

The approved projects will be implemented by Riga City Council's Territorial Improvement Department over a two-year period.

Both neighbourhood associations and individuals submitted their ideas to the competition for participatory budget project ideas from 20 March to 31 May. For the second year running, residents had the opportunity to participate in project development workshops, during which consultations with municipal experts were available to prepare high-quality project applications. Support in the preparation of project sketches was provided by students of the RTU Faculty of Architecture.

Riga Municipality has been organising the participatory budget competition and resident vote since 2019; this year was the fifth edition of the event. Since 2019, a total of 175 project applications have been submitted by Riga residents. 36 projects have been submitted for implementation over the first four years of the competition. Of these, 14 projects have been fully implemented and 22 are currently in various stages of implementation.

Information prepared by: Edīte Matuseviča, Project Coordinator at the External Communication Division of the Riga City Council Communication Department, email: