The competence of the Social Issues Committee includes: 

  • solving social issues and issues of social development; 
  • annual employment plan of the municipality; 
  • healthcare; 
  • protecting the rights of children. 
  • Social Issues Committee supervises and provides for the work organization of Welfare Department of Riga City Council, the Registry Office of Riga, Children Rights Defence Centre and Riga Custody Court. 

Social Issues Committee: 

  • cooperates with Riga Custody Court; 
  • assesses the effectiveness of the work of the municipality health and social assistance institutions, and capital companies as well as assesses rational use of their property and finances; 
  • assesses the proposals for support of politically repressed people and participants of the national resistance and prepares the respective projects for consideration in Riga City Council.

Pursuant to regulations No.114 of Riga City Council of March 1, 2011, the number of councillors working on the Finance and Administration Issues Committee may not exceed 20.