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E-service provides local government fees for holidaymakers and tourists
administration of the reception in the administrative territory of the State of Riga (hereinafter - fee).
Within the framework of the e-service, the subject may:
• submit a statement of registration of the fee payer;
• to submit a statement regarding the commencement of the reception of holidaymakers and tourists at a tourist accommodation located in the administrative territory of Riga State;
• to make a statement on stopping the reception of holidaymakers and tourists;
• submit an overview of the number of holidaymakers and tourists taken and the toll to be paid to the local government budget.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    A person authenticates to the portal and implements his or her statutory duties through e-service in relation to the fee, i.e. register, submit reports, etc.

  2. Receipt of services
    The service is immediately received online.

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