Execution deadline in working days
Individual person
Private law legal person
Receiving restrictions

1. Issuance of documents (internal regulatory enactments and orders, decisions, minutes of meetings) or correspondence documents, transcripts, extracts or copies of the local government institutions included in the nomenclature of local government matters. 2. Get acquainted with the documents, read them. 3. On the basis of the request for information received, a person may familiarise himself or herself with the documents in the archives of the local government in the archives accessible to the person. Preparation and issuance of archive statements, copies of documents, true copies, extracts.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    Upon written request, the archives of the Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Riga City Council shall find the necessary documents or prepared statements regarding the earnings, seniority, job duties, and the earnings of employees working in the Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Riga City Council, as well as the employees working in the institutions subordinate thereto and the tariffs of pedagogical workers. The client has the possibility to obtain information about himself and his or her deceased relatives by producing related or matrimonial documents. If a written authorisation of a person is presented, the right to obtain information regarding that person shall be entitled. Without a special mandate, it is possible to obtain information regarding the reorganisation or liquidation of the institutions subordinate to the Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Riga City Council. The archives of the Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Riga City Council also contain financial and accounting documents of the institutions that are subordinate, which are not older than 2010.
    An application in free form with a request for information, a personal identification document and/or an authorisation, upon receipt of information regarding a third person, a relationship or a marriage identification document must be submitted personally to the Education, Culture and Sport Department of the Riga City Council or sent by post, or an electronically signed submission with a secure Electornian signature must be sent.
    The e-mail application can only be signed with a secure electronic signature!

  2. Receipt of services
    The customer may receive the service in person. If the requested information contains restricted access information, it shall be issued only on-site. If the application contains an e-mail address and a desire to receive a statement as an electronic document in e-mail, it shall be prepared, signed with a secure electronic signature and sent by e-mail. If the information request includes a postal address, it shall be sent by post.