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Receiving restrictions

The Revenue Board of the Riga City Council has the right in accordance with the Law On Taxes and Fees and, on the basis of a reasoned submission by the taxpayer, to extend the time limits for payment of the immovable property tax and to agree on the schedule of payment.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    A person, his or her legal representative or the authorised person may:
    Submit in person to the Revenue Board of the Riga City Council;
    To send an e-address, electronically signed in e-mail;
    • submit to the portal using the “Report to the municipality” service.

    To be sent by mail;
    Receipt of services documents required:
    - for natural persons - a reasoned application;
    - for legal persons - a reasoned application, an operational balance and an estimate of profit or loss on the first date of the month of submission of the application.

  2. Receipt of services
    - the service is received in person at the request of a person, his or her legal representative or authorised person in the Board of Revenue of the Municipality of Riga City Council;
    - the reply may be sent to the account of the Official Electronic Address. If not, to the e-mail address registered in the RD Municipal Revenue Board;
    - by post.