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An explanatory statement shall be required if it is intended to:
- new construction of a first group building (e.g. a one-story building with a building area of not more than 25 m2);
- the renovation of a first group building (other than a cultural monument) or part thereof, if the planned changes affect the facade of the building or its supporting elements or structures, by transforming or eliminating the elements in it, or by restoring with a change in use or restoration;
- rebuilding of the first group building or part thereof, without exceeding the volume indicators for the first group specified in Annex 1 of Regulation No 500, General Construction Regulations, of the Cabinet, 19.08.2014;
- simplified renovation of the public building of the first group or part thereof;
- Simplified renovation of the first group building.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    The necessary documents of the construction plan shall be developed and, using the Construction Information System (BIS), submitted electronically the completed form “Explanatory Memorandum” (for the construction of Group I buildings). Part I 'with the necessary Annexes:
    - supporting documents relating to ownership, possession or use rights;
    - the authority of the initiator of construction if the submitter of the design documentation does not have ownership, possession or usage rights;
    - an interpretative description;
    - graphic documents;
    - the technical documentation of the finished construction product;
    - if the construction is intended in the forest - a land border plan with highlighted forest land borders intended for construction and a plot of forest land to be replanted, prepared in conformity with the regulatory enactments regarding felling of trees in the forest;
    - a programme of research materials with a graphic document showing the building to be restored or part thereof (in the case of restoration);
    - a technical survey opinion of the building or part thereof;
    - technical or specific provisions;
    - other documents, permits or conciliations, if this is specified by regulatory enactments.

    In order to realise one of the abovementioned intentions, the initiator of construction shall agree with the developer of the construction project in the relevant field of construction project regarding the development of the referred to documentation. The construction initiator may himself or herself develop the necessary documents for his or her residential building, the auxiliary building thereof and certify that they conform to the regulatory enactments regulating construction and the spatial plan of the local government, the planning plan or the detailed plan.

    Part I of the Explanatory Memorandum and the documents attached thereto shall be examined by the City Development Department of Riga City Council within a period of 14 days after the registration thereof in the City Development Department of Riga and shall make a note in Part I of the Explanatory Memorandum regarding the acceptance of the intention or provide a written substantiated refusal.

    After performing a check mark of the City Development Department of Riga City Council, the construction initiator shall submit the information regarding the performer of the works in an explanatory article. Information regarding the performer of construction works may be provided at the same time as the submission of the construction plan to the Riga City Council Department for the taking of a decision.

  2. Pay step
    In accordance with the binding rules 01.12.2022of the Riga City Council No. RD-22-164-sn “On the local government fee for issuing a building permit and the local government fee for accepting the intention of building, making a note in an explanatory article”, the fee to accept the explanatory memorandum shall be paid:
    1) for natural persons 1 decision - EUR 50;
    2) for legal persons 1 decision - EUR 100.

    The Properties:
    Riga municipality
    Reg. No 90011524360
    Latvian branch of luminor Bank AS
    Account No. LV82RIKO0020100000002

    The following shall be exempt from payment of the fee:
    1) persons with Group I and Group II disabilities, low-income persons and repressed persons, if they perform construction projects and construction for their own needs (construction facilities - apartments, single-apartment or double-apartment residential houses, farm buildings, garages for individual use);
    2) the recipients of a construction permit, if the construction has been financed in full for the resources of the local government budget or the construction of a social residential house is carried out in accordance with a decision of the local government;
    3) electricity supply merchants who are licensed or comply with the regulations regarding regulatable types of public services, if the planned construction (the object of the construction intention) will be owned or used by the energy supply merchant and will be directly utilised for the production or transmission of electricity;
    4) State administrative bodies.

  3. Receipt of services
    Construction planning documents can be received electronically in the Construction Information System (BIS).

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