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In proposing a new construction, parking, renewal, reconstruction or demolition of the hydrotechnical and amelioration construction of Group 1, Part I (design documentation) of the Explanatory Memorandum shall be submitted to the City Development Department of the Riga City Council.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    The service may be requested electronically in the Construction Information System (BIS).
    Service requests documents required:
    1. the submission “Explanatory Memorandum for hydrotechnical and amelioration construction” has been completed;
    2. documents certifying the right of ownership, possession or use;
    3. the authority of the initiator of construction, if the application is submitted by the authorised person;
    4. conciliations according to the design of the construction;
    5. technical or special regulations, if this is specified by regulatory enactments;
    6. photofixations of the intended site of work;
    7. a land border plan or a valid topographic plan M 1:50 0;
    8. the plan of the holding on an appropriate visual scale, showing the location of the intended structure and its main characteristics on a valid topographic plan;
    9. in the event of demolition, an interpretative description of the management of waste from construction,
    the amount planned and the place of recycling or disposal;
    10. the copying of the cadastre statement or amelioration data of the land property with the marked location of the structures and the main parameters (length, width, depth and other parameters), if the construction plan is intended to be realised in a moored land;
    11. Other documents.

  2. Pay step
    In accordance with the binding rules 01.12.2022of the Riga City Council No. RD-22-164-sn “On the local government fee for issuing a building permit and the local government fee for accepting the intention of building, making a note in an explanatory article”, the fee to accept the explanatory memorandum shall be paid:
    1) for natural persons 1 decision - EUR 50;
    2) for legal persons 1 decision - EUR 100.

    The Properties:
    Riga municipality
    Reg. No 90011524360
    Latvian branch of luminor Bank AS
    Account No. LV82RIKO0020100000002

    The following shall be exempt from payment of the fee:
    1) persons with Group I and Group II disabilities, low-income persons and repressed persons, if they perform construction projects and construction for their own needs (construction facilities - apartments, single-apartment or double-apartment residential houses, farm buildings, garages for individual use);
    2) the recipients of a construction permit, if the construction has been financed in full for the resources of the local government budget or the construction of a social residential house is carried out in accordance with a decision of the local government;
    3) electricity supply merchants who are licensed or comply with the regulations regarding regulatable types of public services, if the planned construction (the object of the construction intention) will be owned or used by the energy supply merchant and will be directly utilised for the production or transmission of electricity;
    4) State administrative bodies.

  3. Receipt of services
    Construction planning documents can be received electronically in the Construction Information System (BIS).

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