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Receiving restrictions

Receipt of a permit for the sale of goods in public places organised by the local government or agreed with the local government, including trade from the mobile retail selling point. (public place - any place outside a building and a permanent trading venue which, irrespective of the form of property, is available to consumers; Permanent trading place - a place of commerce arranged for permanent and systematic trading, registered in accordance with the procedures specified in the regulatory enactments regulating taxes and charges).
Short-term street trade shall be traded in a single place or address for a period of not more than three days at an interval of trade of not less than four days (one trading shall be permitted not more than once a week) and shall not exceed 24 days in the calendar year and shall not correspond to the location of the agreed registered street trading site. Short-term street sales of fir may take place in December and January for 24 consecutive days if the place or address concerned does not register a place of street trade for fir; short-term street trade may take place if food products are self-grown, processed and manufactured or food products produced in domestic conditions are marketed, craft products themselves (a single trading operation shall be allowed not more frequently than once a week), for marketing in a calendar year not exceeding 36 days, provided that its placement does not correspond to the location of the agreed registered street trading venue.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    The service shall be requested electronically using an e-service (using an e-service:, or on-site, presenting the original documents, in the Riga City Neighborhood Centre, where the customer service department specialist will scan the documents and add them electronically to the submission.

    The following information shall be submitted for preparation of the application:
    1) a street trade participant (the given name, surname and personal identity number shall be indicated for a natural person (if a natural person has not registered economic activity) or the registration code of the taxpayer (if a natural person has registered economic activity); the name of the legal person and the registration code of the taxpayer shall be indicated for the legal person);
    2) the location, date and time of the street trade;
    3) groups of goods to be marketed in street trade;
    4) the contact details of the street trading participant (address, telephone number and e-mail address);

    and the following documents (documents referred to in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 shall be drawn up in accordance with the model set out in the Annex):
    1) an up-to-date (in conformity with the year of submission of documents) colour photofixation of the street trading site (in A4 format) without the placement of the place of sale;
    2) a colourful sketch or visualization of an actual and plan-relevant street trading site in the context of the environment (new solutions) or its photofixation in the context of the environment (re-submitted solutions) (A4 format);
    3) the detailed deployment of street-trading equipment on a scale of 1:10 0 or 1:50 (in A4 format) with dimensions, attachments, the free width of the pavement/carriageway agreed with the Transport Department of the Riga City Council, if the activity is planned on the red lines of the street, indicating the area of the trading site;
    4) a co-ordination with the owner or legal possessor of real estate - a private person - or the possessor and manager of real estate owned by the State and local government;
    5) a statement of the street trade participant regarding the existence of an electronic device or technical passport for the registration of taxes and other payments registered in the State Revenue Service or receipts registered with the State Revenue Service;
    6) a statement from a street trade participant that the special equipment will be operated in conformity with the requirements of the manufacturer and observing the fire safety regulations, if trade from special equipment with hot snacks or non-alcoholic beverages is intended in the form to be discarded.

  2. A service charge
    The local government fee according to paragraph 16 of the Law No 109 of the Riga City Council of 18 January 2011 on the municipal fee for trade in public places in Riga shall not be applied until 31 December 2022.

  3. Receipt of services
    An electronically signed permit shall be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the customer's application. If the documents have been submitted in person at the Riga City residents centre, the customer may indicate in which location of the Riga City Neighborhood residents center he or she wants to receive a response.