The competence of the Finance and Administration Issues Committee includes:

  • budget and budget amendments; 
  • determining priorities in distribution of expenses, if the revenue part of the budget is not fulfilled; 
  • costs not provided for by the budget; 
  • giving resolution on the use of the municipality pre-emption rights; 
  • assessment of the budget bills prepared by other regular committees of Riga City Council and Riga City Executive Director; 
  • improving municipality government and administration, including activities of developing information technologies. 
  • Finance and Administration Issues Committee controls the Financial Department of Riga City Council. 

The Finance and Administration Issues Committee: 

  • considers applications of projects for receiving means from Riga City infrastructure fund, preparēs proposals for usage of means of Riga City infrastructure fund, and directs them to consideration in the Presidium of Riga City Council; 
  • gives assessment on projects that are connected with utilization of financial resources, as well as all project decisions of Riga City Council connected with spending of budget resources, spending not provided for by the budget or amendments to the expenses part of the budget; 
  • submit proposals to Riga City Council on establishing a Budget Committee, its composition and working regulations and assesses the proposals of the Budget Committee. 

Pursuant to regulations No.114 of Riga City Council of March 1, 2011, the number of councillors working on the Finance and Administration Issues Committee may not exceed 20.