Date 24 January, 2024 – 18 February, 2024
Location Anniņmuižas parks
Zaļas vaboles un sarkankrūtītis

On Wednesday, January 24, the light trail Anniņmuiža will be opened.

Riga Municipality has already announced that at the end of January, in anticipation of the return of light and spring, two light trails will be lit in the city – in Biķernieki Forest and Anniņmuiža. They will be on display until February 11 during the hours of darkness – from 18.00 to 23.00.

In Anniņmuiža Park, visitors will be greeted by "Bird Alley", drawing attention to the winged inhabitants of the city, whose living space closely overlaps with people's homes and street thoroughfares. Four environmental objects will be placed in the park, complemented by light and sound installations. Environmental objects will be placed every 100 metres along the walking route.

We also encourage people to use public transport to get to the light trails. Those who will be using their private cars are kindly asked not to drive in the forest, but to park their vehicles in the designated areas. This will both protect the forest and make it easier for all visitors to access the attractions.