Date 10 December, 2022
TimeAll day
Location Rīgas Valsts tehnikums
Telpu orientēšanās

The capital invites anyone interested to apply for the Indoor Orienteering Championship 2022 which starts on 29 October and will last for two months. The aim of the competition is to demonstrate orienteering as an accessible sports activity for all genders and ages, and to determine the best indoor orienteers in nine age groups.

In total there are nine categories for age groups – four for women, four for men, and one open or beginners group. You can apply at least three days before each event online and on the day of the event in person at the venue.

The competition will take place in six rounds:

  • 29 October – Mežaparks Great Bandstand;
  • 12 November – Riga Central Market;
  • 27 November – Arēna Rīga;
  • 3 December – Latvian Academy of Sport Education;
  • 4 December – Faculty of Electrical and Environmental Engineering of Riga Technical University;
  • 10 December – Riga State Technical School.

The winner in each age group will be the competitor with the lowest total of the two distances. The top three places in each age group will be awarded. To qualify for the overall standings, you must have competed in at least four of the championship events.

“Indoor orienteering is a great way to extend the orienteering season, while discovering various buildings in Riga City which are not usually accessible to casual visitors. A customised fire escape plan is used to move around the premises, and orientation maps are based on this plan. Participants will visit the checkpoints according to their choice or in a specific sequence, while after the competition, excursions will be offered inside the buildings,” says Chief Judge of the Championship, Matīss Ratnieks.

Before each competition round, beginners will be given informative and practical training to familiarise themselves with the sports activity. There is also a special open group where participants can visit checkpoints and explore the activity without any time limits.

The indoor orienteering distance is a shorter version of the traditional sprint distance. The electronic punching system SPORTident will be used in the orienteering event. Find out more about the event online. The event is supported by Riga City Council.