Date 20. august, 2022
TimeAll day
Location Old Town Riga
Rīgas dzimšanas dienas pikniks

On Saturday, 20 August, the residents and guests of Riga City are invited to take part in a unique picnic in the Old Town, while neighbourhood festivals will take place this week in Pļavnieki, Purvciems, and Imanta. Also, the Riga Summer Culture Programme will continue in the so-called ‘parks of joy’ and other places of the capital.

Riga birthday picnic in the Old Town

The 821st birthday of Riga will be celebrated in a grand picnic throughout the Old Town. The festival programme will be opened at 12:00 by a brass quintet performance from the balconies in the Dome Square. During the day, visitors are invited to take part in Drosmīgo dziesmu svētki (Song Festival of the Brave) under the guidance of conductor Artūrs Gailis. A contest to discover the most delicious cake of Riga City will start at 14:00. Participants are invited to bake a cake and present it to the contest jury on Saturday at the Dome Square. Tenoru trio and opera singer Sonora Vaice will also perform during the day.

The opening of ‘tostu tornis’ (‘toast tower’) with Dainis Grūbe will take place at Riga Town Hall Square at 12:00 and will be accompanied by the performance of the brass band Auseklītis. The youth choir Balsis, Ilona Bagele, Kristīne Pāže, Rūdolfs Macats, and the band Ezeri will also perform during the day. At 16:00, the contest of hearty laughters (Rīgas gardāko smieklu konkurss) will take place at Riga Town Hall Square, and throughout the day, visitors are invited to climb the tower to make a public birthday toast.

The youth choir Balsis and the brass band Auseklītis, Laimis Rācenājs and “Mariachi Baltica”, and the bell ensemble Campanella will perform at Torņa Street. As part of the Torņa Street Festival, the contrabass player Staņislavs Judins will perform his solo programme from the balcony of the Architects Union House; singers MARTA and KATŌ will also perform.

At Līvu Square, actors Meinards Liepiņš and Artis Jančevskis will encourage the guests and residents of Riga to say ‘I love you’ to one’s mother, friend, or Riga. Picnic tables will be arranged throughout the Old Town. Everyone is welcome to bring their own picnic treats or buy some at the cafés and from vendors located nearby.

Concert by the band Pērkons and the choir Gaudeamus at the neighbourhood festival of Purvciems and Pļavnieki

From 12:00, celebrators from the neighbourhoods of Pļavnieki and Purvciems will be welcomed at the foot of Dreiliņi Hill. During the festival, a service dog show will be held, and there will be performances of various musical ensembles and creative workshops.  At 17:00, the legendary band Pērkons and the RTU male choir Gaudeamus will perform at the celebration concert. Later in the evening – a theatre performance Aidā piknikā! (Let’s go on a picnic!).

Throughout the day, large garden games, a quiz about the neighbourhoods of Purvciems and Pļavnieki, and a bubble show will be organised at the neighbourhood festival.

Discussion on the future of Anniņmuiža Park and KATŌ concert at the neighbourhood festival of Imanta

On Saturday, visitors of the neighbourhood festival of Imanta are invited to the pedestrian promenade of Slokas Street where from 11:30 one will have the opportunity to participate in a morning dance with the middle-generation dance group Imantieši. During the day, there will be performances by the singer KATŌ, the band Rīgas Modes, and the freestyle rap collective Brīvrunu projekts. The neighbourhood festival will also host workshops, a discussion on the future of Anniņmuiža Park, and a guided tour around Imanta.

Concert by Aija Vītoliņa at Vērmanes Garden and open-air cinema at the swimming area Rumbula

The Riga Summer Culture Programme will continue this week also in the so-called ‘parks of joy’ where a concert by singer Aija Vītoliņa will take place on 18 August at 20:00, whereas circus activities for families with children will be organised in Viesturdārzs. On 20 August, there will be the opportunity to attend an open-air cinema at the swimming area Rumbula.

The Riga Summer Culture Programme is organised by the Riga City Council in cooperation with various organisations and associations of the respective field. For more information about culture events visit The programme is gradually being expanded to include projects supported by local government funding tenders. You can also find out more about culture events in Riga on Facebook at page “Rīgā notiek”.