The competence of the City Development Committee includes: 

  • development of the city; 
  • Riga development plan and planning of Riga. 

The City Development Committee supervises the City Development Department of Riga City Council and Riga Tourism Coordination and Information Centre. 

The City Development Committee assesses the proposals and gives conclusions on: 

  • the administrative division of Riga city, the amendments of its borders, name changes (including the names of streets, public gardens, parks, squares); 
  • borders of cadastral value zones; 
  • construction zone borders and changes thereof; 
  • planning of traffic, streets and roads, and public transportation; 
  • borders of the port territory.

The City Development Committee considers all project applications of the industry to receive means from Riga City infrastructure fund, structure them according city development priorities and direct them to reviewing in the Finance and Administration Issues Committee.

Pursuant to regulations No.114 of Riga City Council of March 1, 2011, the number of councillors working on the Finance and Administration Issues Committee may not exceed 20.