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Trauksmes sirēna

Wednesday, May 31, from 10.00 to 10.20 alarm sirens will be activated throughout the country for a period of three minutes. Residents have no reason to worry because it is a routine siren check.

The State Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) will perform an alarm siren check throughout Latvia, starting them for three minutes, as well as check the performance of contracts concluded between SFRSand electronic media (radio, TV).

In cases where alerts to citizens on natural or technogenic disasters and their potential hazards are needed to be distributed as quickly as possible, alarm sirens may be activated.  Each year the SFRS shall carry out an alarm siren test required to verify the technical readiness of the early warning system, the technical condition of alarm sirens, possible damage or disturbance in the operation of sirens, as well as the performance of the contracts concluded between SFRS and electronic media (radio, TV), which will inform the public in the event of a threat.

If you do not hear them during an alarm siren check, do not worry, as in emergency cases where sirens are not heard or deployed, other types of communication may be used, such as passing information to the public through the speakers of the operational services and their liaison partners.  SFRS calls on the hotel administration to inform its foreign guests about the upcoming alarm siren test so as not to cause unnecessary worry.

Will be sent by mobile operators to Ukrainian civilians on the territory of Latvia to SMS with information that an alert siren test will take place on 31 May. 

There are 164 alarm sirens installed in Latvia, which are so arranged that the sound signal transmitted is heard within a radius of approximately 1.5 kilometres (siren hearing is affected by the height of the siren deployment, the special features of the territorial building, noise caused by the city's daily transport and production facilities, meteorological conditions). VUGD recalls that if residents have not previously been alerted to the siren check, citizens should switch on televisions and radios (Latvian social media – “Latvian TV” channels LTV1 and LTV7 or “Latvian radio” broadcasting channels) or other devices such as mobile broadcasts. or applications, information on the reason for the activation of alarm sirens and the necessary behaviour of the population.

Other information: SFRS Prevention and Public Information Division, E-mail: