“Rīgas satiksme” informs that in cooperation with the group “Prāta vētra”, on Saturday, August 20, buses along the route “Esplanāde -Mežaparks” will be scheduled, so that the visitors of the concert could get to Mežaparks to the concert. Whereas, after the concert, the buses will deliver visitors back to the centre, along the route “Mežaparks-Esplanāde”.

To Mežaparks, buses will be scheduled from 17.00 from the stop “Tērbatas Street” (near the Regional Court building) and will run with an interval of approximately 3 minutes. Further, the bus will run along Brīvības Street, will stop at all stops up to G.Zemgala gatve. Then the bus will turn to G.Zemgala gatve, will stop at the stop VEF Culture Palace and further will run without stops to Viestura prospekts in the territory of Mežaparks.

To the centre, buses will be scheduled in a similar way and they will run from Mežaparks without stops to the stop “VEF” in Brīvības Street and further will stop at all stops in Brīvības Street and will run to Esplanāde.

In these trips, you must also register the trip and purchase an e-ticket or a Code ticket. The price of one trip is - 1.15 EUR. “Rīgas satiksme” encourages its customers to buy two trips at a time when planning a trip and buying an e-ticket – for a round trip. Because it will not be possible to buy tickets from the public transport driver.

For communication with “Rīgas satiksme”, we encourage you to use the information telephone 20361862, or write an email to Furthermore, you can contact the enterprise on the website in the section “Contact us”, where anyone can submit an application electronically.