In town Traffic restrictions
Ceļa zīme ielas remonts

The Riga City Council Traffic Department informs that repairs in the streets of Riga are actively continuing. Preparations are currently underway to start renovating the driveway and sidewalks on Bruņinieku Street on Monday, July 27.

In Bruņinieku Street, as well as in Sporta Street, the pavement and driveway cover will be completely replaced by installing two-way bicycle infrastructure on one-way streets. After the renovation of the road cover in Sporta and Bruņinieku streets, changes will be made in the traffic organization and a new bicycle infrastructure will be installed in accordance with modern requirements.

Traffic changes will be made at street crossings, making them safer for pedestrians and cyclists. The cycling infrastructure will be separated from the driveway and pavement by special enclosing elements, stops and markings.

After the renovation of the road cover, the streets will be landscaped, bicycle stands will be installed, recreation areas with benches and flowerpots will be installed. Bicycle stands on sidewalks will be additionally installed near educational institutions, public buildings, as well as near medical institutions. Drivers should consider that the maximum permitted speed will also be reduced to 30 km / h.

Simultaneously with the renovation of the road cover of Sporta Street, active repairs are currently taking place along the entire length of Marijas Street and Aleksandra Čaka Street, construction of the Krasta Street cycle path, construction of the Skulte overpass, as well as road cover restoration works in all Riga neighbourhoods.  Also, repair works on the Augusta Deglava Street overpass will resume in the near future.

Specialists of the Traffic Department point out that during the repair works, local residents and drivers may face encumbrances and restrictions, including closed parking lots. As repairs are also organized at night, daily noise levels may be exceeded during construction - we apologize in advance and ask to treat street repairs with understanding.

Bruņinieku iela pēc seguma atjaunošanas
Bruņinieku iela pēc seguma atjaunošanas
Bruņinieku iela pēc seguma atjaunošanas
Sporta iela pēc seguma atjaunošanas