Rimi Rīgas maratona preses konferences dalībnieki

The Rimi Riga Marathon, the largest popular sports event in the Baltics, is expected to gather more than 30 000 runners and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts from at least 80 countries on 18 and 19 May this year. At a press conference in the Spice shopping centre, the Rimi Riga Marathon 2024 medal and official running shirts designed by Germans Ermičs were presented, while Riga Mayor Vilnis Ķirsis boasted Riga as one of Northern Europe's most sought-after running destinations. To the delight of all running fans, the world's largest treadmill was also opened in "Spice" with the participation of the Latvian Athlete of the Year Agate Caune, where everyone is invited to try their hand at the world record in a fun atmosphere until 14 April.

The organisers of the Rimi Riga Marathon predict that more than 30 000 participants from more than 80 countries will take to the start line on 18 and 19 May. On Saturday, the marathon weekend will kick off with the “Olympic Kids' Day” with the “DPD Mile”, which, as usual, will also be the Latvian championships in the mile distance, and children's distances, where young runners up to 12 years of age will be able to compete on the 11 November Embankment. Children will have the opportunity to take part in the “Happy Babies” crawl, 200 metres and 400 metres, the 60 metres “Sprint King and Queen”, as well as a range of other sporting activities in Olympic sports and beyond. On Sunday, 7 May, participants in the longest distances – marathon and half-marathon – as well as runners in the most widely represented distances – 10 km and 5 km – will take to the start line.

More than 3 500 students will compete in the Rimi Riga Marathon Latvian School Cup, covering both the DPD mile and 5 km distances. Participants with functional disabilities will also have the chance to take part in the most inclusive programme in the event's history – in cooperation with Mēness Aptieka, the organisers will offer this opportunity to a large sample of 400 participants as part of the “Inclusive Marathon”.

"Not only Riga, but the whole of Latvia can be justifiably proud that the most ambitious popular sports event in the Baltics takes place every year in the streets of Riga – the Rimi Riga Marathon is a great event of popular sports, the like of which is unparalleled in the whole region. Last year, more than 15,000 runners from 105 countries came to the Rimi Riga Marathon and World Athletics Road Running Championship, generating an economic contribution of almost €12 million. In order not to stop at what we have achieved, we will work so that, thanks to the Rimi Riga Marathon, Riga can continue to proudly call itself "the running capital of the Northern European region", says the Mayor of Riga Vilnis Ķirsis.

Finishers of all distances will receive medals designed by Germans Ermičs

Finishers of all distances in the Rimi Riga Marathon, from the very youngest on Olympic Kids' Day to the marathon distance, will receive medals designed by internationally renowned Latvian artist Germans Ermičs.

"Celebrating the journey of every runner, the medal design honours the shoelace – the element in every runner's shoe that unites beginners and seasoned athletes alike. On the 5 km medal, the bow of the shoelace marks the start of the course, the shoelace continues to twist as the distance increases. This lace winds through the medal, filling it, reaching a full twist in the 42 km distance medal, representing each runner's unique journey to the start and finish lines. All the medals are the same size this year, because whether it's a 5km or a 42km full marathon, everyone gives 100%, and that's what matters most. This medal is an ode to the inclusive nature of running – accessibility for all," says the medal's designer, artist German Ermičs.

Rimi Team Cup for companies

As in previous years, the Rimi Team Cup will bring together teams from Latvia's most active companies, hoping to attract around 500 Latvian teams. The Rimi Team Cup will bring together corporate teams to compete for prizes and the most active team titles in three categories – 15 to 29 participants, 30 to 49 participants and over 50 participants. In the team competition, the winners will be determined by their individual results in the age groups.

"In previous years, we have set an example for society and other companies by creating the largest team of employees in the Rimi Riga Marathon and by helping to create the Rimi Team Cup. This year, we will also have at least 400 employees competing in our own Rimi team in all distances, and at least 500 company teams in the Rimi Team Cup. We have seen that running side by side on the streets of Riga is a great team-building opportunity – from preparing together over several months to the event itself in May, so I invite every company to enter their team!" invites Valdis Turlais, Chairman of the Board of Rimi Latvia .

A chance to run at world record pace at TC Spice

This year, the organisers of the Rimi Riga Marathon have brought a special world's largest treadmill to Latvia and, more specifically, to the centre of the marathon season – the shopping centre Spice – with the motto "Run the world record in Spice!". 

Until 14 April, everyone will have the opportunity to test their strength by attempting to run the men's or women's marathon at world record pace. The large treadmill in Spice has been specially designed so that even the slowest runners and children, when they can no longer keep up their pace, can slide elegantly off the treadmill into a specially padded finish area easily and with smile on their lips, to the delight of everyone around them.

During these days, the strongest male and female runners who have managed to stay on the impressive marathon record pace the longest will be crowned with Spice Shopping Centre gift vouchers worth EUR 100! On Saturdays 6 and 13 April, children will have a special programme and the opportunity to try out the giant treadmill alongside the adults.

"I am delighted that we can contribute to the Rimi Riga Marathon with this project here in Spice, helping to cement Riga's status as the region's running capital. So welcome to Spice's large atrium, where until 14 April, in cooperation with the Rimi Riga Marathon, we will offer the world's largest treadmill, which will allow everyone to experience the world marathon record for themselves," says Iveta Priedīte, manager of Spice Shopping Centre and Spice Home, to the marathon participants.

Marathon Sustainability Programme 2024

In order to raise awareness about the climate impact of the Rimi Riga Marathon in everything it does, the "Run for Future by Neste" programme was created together with the marathon's sustainability partner Neste. As part of the programme, the organisers are trying to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible, and would encourage marathon participants to do the same.

"We are proud to say that thanks to Neste, the Rimi Riga Marathon is the first large mass event in the Baltic States that has not only calculated the carbon footprint of the event, but has also offset it threefold by planting a pine forest by Bābelītis lake and energy-efficiently lighting 23 pedestrian crossings in Riga. And this year we will continue our work – already on 13 April, we will turn one and a half hectares of farmland in the Ropaži municipality of the Riga Marathon into the Rimi Riga Marathon Forest, thus already before the big event offsetting part of the carbon footprint of this year's marathon." comments Armands Beiziķis, Chairman of the Board ofNeste Latvija .

Energetic finish at the Rimi Riga Marathon on an unprecedented scale

In cooperation with Rimi Riga Marathon partner Elektrum, this year's finish of all distances on 19 May will feature an unprecedented energetic finish, which will bring energy and positive emotions at a very important moment – in the last metres of the distance.

"This year we hope to increase the level of energy and fighting spirit of the runners, which we take care of during Elektrum's energetic training sessions in Mežaparks, even more by being present at the finish line of the Rimi Riga Marathon. We will have a particularly energetic surprise in the last few hundred metres on the 11 November Embankment on 18 and 19 May – we are convinced that this support will be very important to help you achieve your best results or just finish with a smile and a determination to move again next season," invites Mārtiņš Čakste, Chairman of the Board of Latvenergo AS.

Registration for the Rimi Riga Marathon

Please note that you can register for all distances of the Rimi Riga Marathon (42, 21, 10, 5 kilometres, DPD mile and Olympic Children's Day) on the official marathon website www.rimirigamarathon.com. The organisers remind you that the registry fees are lower before 30 April.

About the Rimi Riga Marathon:

The marathon has been held in Riga since 1991. The Rimi Riga Marathon is the largest national sports event in the Baltic States, attracting tens of thousands of runners from all over the world to the Latvian capital every year. In 2024 the Rimi Riga Marathon will take place on 18-19 May, when it will be possible to run the marathon, half marathon, 10km, 5km, DPD mile (1609m) and Olympic Kids’ Day distances. All Rimi Riga Marathon distances have been awarded the World Athletics Road Race Label, while the marathon and mile distances also have the Latvian championship status.

The marathon has been organised by the agency NECom (LLC Nords Event Communications) in cooperation with Riga City Council since 2007. Main partner – Rimi, partners – Neste, TK Spice, Elektrum, sponsors – DPD Latvija, Indexo, WESS Motors Toyota, Sportland, Nike, Latvian Olympic Committee. Partners – Children's Hospital Foundation, natural mineral water Mangaļi, Garmin, Happy, Mēness aptieka, Science in Sport, Vizulo, Klotiņi & Serģis, LSFP, LVS, VSK Noskrien, Rīgas meži and others. Media partners – LTV, LSM.

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