In town Traffic restrictions
Ceļa zīme ielas remonts

The Traffic Department of the Riga City Council informs that preparations are currently underway so that repair works can be started soon along the entire length of Aleksandra Čaka Street and Marijas Street.

Repairs will be organized in two stages. During this construction season, the asphalt concrete pavement of the road will be completely restored along the entire length of the street. The pavement will also be completely replaced by laying paving stones of different colours. Thus, making the street more attractive and that will serve as an element of street design. In the second stage, in the next construction season, the street will be improved along its entire length. Trees will be planted on the pavements along with bicycle stands, benches, flower boxes, making the street more attractive and accessible.

Construction works will be started on the left side of A.Čaka and Marijas streets in the direction from the centre. Pedestrians, cyclists and drivers must observe the traffic restrictions during street repairs.

First of all, the dismantling of the curb edges and the installation of new ones on the left side of the street in the direction from the centre will start. During the construction of the curbs, the pedestrian pavement will be narrowed. Drivers also will have to take into account inconveniences, because during the repair works, in the direction towards the centre the driving lane will be narrowed, but traffic will still be one lane in each direction.

During the replacement of the pavement, pedestrians will be provided with convenient movement through a temporary pedestrian tunnel, which will be separated from the drive lane and work area by barriers.

Specialists of the Traffic Department emphasize that during repair works, traffic users and local residents may face traffic inconveniences and restrictions. We invite you to treat the introduced restrictions with understanding and to follow the traffic organization procedures, as well as to plan your daily route in time, taking into account the traffic restrictions and, if possible, choosing another daily route.